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Appkey is an website, android app, iPhone and iPad app developer company.
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We are an IT services company that supports the apps development for iOS smartphone such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. So please feel free to make us as your business partner in Indonesia.
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We also build Android applications using local human resources in Bali, but still able to provide offshore services for you.
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The advantages of our website is responsive web which can be accessed by smartphone or PC. The websites that we have developed are also supported by good project management.
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Appkey is an Indonesian company that was founded and run by Japanese people. However, there is no language barrier for us to serve consumer demand. We founded this company based on market analysis, customer, and high technical and design capabilities.


Pekerjaaan desain grafis berkisar pada pengerjaan poster, brosur, katalog, DM, kemasan produk dan lain sebagainya

Membuat layout informasi yang ingin disampaikan agar mudah dilihat dan disampaikan. Hal ini menuntut rasa dan sensitivitas dari orang yang mengerjakannya.
Meskipun perusahaan kami berbasis di Bali, Indonesia, namun yakinlah karena direksi seni kami dilakukan oleh orang Jepang.

Selain itu kami juga mendukung pembuatan text mulai dari pembuatan naskah homepage, produksi newsletter dan pendistribusiannya, penerjemahan bahasa Jepang-Indonesia dan lain-lain.

Selain itu kami juga menjawab berbagai keluhan anda seperti, “ingin menyampaikan suatu informasi dengan blog, namun tidak ada waktu”, ” menginginkan teks yang profesional”, ” Teks telah dibuat namun khawatir akan pengelolaannya”, “ketika anda menginginkan teks yang bisa menjelaskan barang dan jasa yang anda tawarkan secara efektif”.

Web Oprationalition

No matter how good the web was made, even if there’s no one visit them will not mean nothing at all.

The user will visit a new web site that is published. But if the information never update, must be so disappointing the costumer and will be damage for the brand image.

For publish the web at the top level in the yahoo and the google, need for the necessary steps, if fade website but does not do anything to manage it, you will get lost in the site.

Although the web is continue update but if there’s low the human resources on specialized knowledge about the web, it’s hard, so if you’re having trouble of running the web, so just contact and consult with us

Even in difference country, no matter in Japan, we will foster the management project where customers can feel like easily to doing business. So come to join us for your abroad business partners.

Web Development

Now is the era where one of two people in the world must have a smartphone. It is estimated that by 2015 the number of internet access using smartphones will be more than using a PC.

Thereby, seeing the rapid spread of samrtphone trends, the possibility of smartphones usage per day more than the pc usage. So the opportunities for smartphone users browse the company WEB , will be growing in the future.

It means it is not impossible that the smartphones site would have the similar potential to the PC.

Different from the PC, with a smartphone, we able to access the Internet regardless of place and situation. When we feel “need” something, we can immediately get it.

In addition, the behavior of active smartphone users very easily attracted to new stuff. To collect information, they also use the web or social networking actively.

For those of you who have not opened the smartphone sites, we recommend you to build it as soon as possible.

Application Development

Nowadays the iPhone and iPad from the iOS and Android operating systems used by various smartphone brands in the world attract many business people.
Regular cell phones and smartphones can be said as phone at once as a mini pc. But the difference is smartphone can be added the application. So that we can customize it in to our will.

In addition the difference between WEB and application is that the application contents can be seen even without access to the internet, then if we think about terms of business, compared to WEB, application is more easy to use and have fewer problems.

Appkey will assist you in application development as a tool of your company’s products selling.

We also design and create layouts for posters, chirashi, catalogs, DM and goods package
Web Oprationalition
You need more exclusive knowledge to operate your website? Please consult to us about your problem.
Web Development
To accelerate the deployment of a smartphone application, it takes more than just access to the Internet....
Application Development
As a means to rebuild your business with a new service that corresponds to the smartphone era, the need...