Android Application Development


About Android application development

Android devices in the world have a vary size and specifications. If you want your application to support all these devices, you need a lot of experience and skills in application development. But if You can’t do that, APPKEY has been in the native android application development for several years.

Based on our experience, we are confident of being able to develop a qualified applications. We can fully support the customers from the planning, discussion, designing and developing the application according to the customer needs.

Android Developer

Not only in development, we can also help customers in the registration application to the Google play and help advertising on free applications.
We also can provide quick responses and offers for customers who want to make android applications ranging from entertainment applications to applications for businesses. So, please feel free to discuss with us about the applications development.

After the application is completed until the publication to Google Play.

Prepare the data needed for the application.

Registration to Google Play Developer Console
Giving name to the application and categories determination.
Description (if the application supports multi-language, the translation text will be required)
Other, fixing various items

Register the application to the Play Store

Became available on Google play

Time examination of applications by Google will take approximately one day.
If you need income from advertising, separate registration to the advertising companies will be need. Some settings are also necessary to be able to display ads within the application.


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