IOS Application Development Service

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About iPhone and iPad application development

Until now our company has extensive experience in developing applications that utilize the characteristics of iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Armed with this experience, we have confidence in the development of good quality applications.

Besides, customers can also conduct consultations regarding applications development with our team. So that, the beginners in this technology also can properly understand about all of these.

iOS Developer (iPhone & iPad)

We would like to provide you full support in terms of developing an application from planning, process of making the apps to the registration the application in the AppStore after it is completed. Helping the customers to advertise within applications, perform maintenance to assisting you in application system management.

Providing a quick response to the applications development ranging from entertainment applications untill the applications that made as a tool for supporting businesses. So please feel free to contact us for applications developments.


IOS Application Development Service


The steps of application development up to the publication in AppStore.

Preparing the data required for the application

Register to iOS Developer Program
Giving the name of the application, the determination of categories
Description text (if you want the application to support multilingual, the translation process is necessary).
Others, the determination of various other items

Registration applications to the AppStore

Examination by Apple (if the application you registered in Appstore does not pass, then you need to re-apply after modifying the application.)
Became available in the AppStore

Period from examination to publish takes ranging of 3 days to 2 weeks.

If you want to receive revenue from advertising, you need to register separately to advertising companies. And also the settings for your ad to appear in the application program.


Want to consult the website problems, application development, or would like to know the estimated price? Please contact us.