1 We made a proposal to summarize the contents of the meeting with our customers like the idea / customer requirements and functionality of the web that will be created. Then we will propose the production schedule that was adjusted to be checked and taken into consideration.

The contract occurs after the schedule, costs supply, and proposal agreed, and sign of booking we recieved.

2 We will determine the structure and content of the publication coarse screen. Our first proposal on the top page. Completing the design by attent to the opinions and needs of the customer so that it will produce a basic page design is in accordance with the design drawings. After that customers only need to prepare the necessary materials such as logos, text, images, etc as ingredients of the web

3 After the design were complete and process all the pages using PHP and HTML (coding processing)
Coding is writing / making program using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ect. to be displayed on the website browser. WordPress will continue to writing the program into programming language called by PHP. Who will be continue processing on HTML language normally website.

4 Publications / operation: Publish a WEB site is the first step. Operation of the web aims to improve the results of a business. The number of web pages is not important. However, your income will not increase if you only publish the web that you created without managing it. Beginning of success to connect to the WEB site is after the publication. Appkey regularly perform measurement and analysis of the effects of WEB access, and to improve your business we can help content creation and improvement of your company’s WEB site.

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