“KATA JEPANG-INDONESIA” is a free dictionary app which aims to help You learning Japanese practically and efficiently.
This is the new interface of “KATA JEPANG 3000″ app which equipped with pronunciation voice. Thus, studying the Japanese pronunciation could be easier. And there is no shame in using it.

This app consist of set of more than 3000 Japanese words and their pronunciation, and consist of 3000 Indonesian words with their pronunciation. So entirely this application consists of 6000 words and 6000 voice spelling.

this application is created to help You to be more efficient in learning Japanese.
By selecting 3000 Japanese vocabulary which is often used in daily conversation, and then add the pronunciation record into the application.

Vocabularies in this app are divided by categories, so that user will be more convenient in learning daily japanese vocabulary. Moreover, users are able to look for unknown words through search field.
This app can be used offline without internet connection.
(Except to listen to pronunciation sound feature)
Because the pronunciation in Japanese is similar to Indonesian, users can also write using letter in alphabet.

In Japanese language learning, You only need to study the pattern of the sentence, and then you only need to memorize a lot of Japanese vocabulary.
For early-learners, it may be difficult to memorize Japanese vocabulary that much.
Therefore, with the presence of words grouping by categories, you can begin to memorize the words from daily uses category.

If you live in Japan, you can memorize vocabularies in this app step by step, while practice them in everyday life.

* This app advantages are:

– Japanese daily vocabulary used were carefully selected

– Packed with 3000 Japanese pronunciation and 3000 Indonesian Pronunciation sound

– Consist of 85 categories of conversation

– By using Searching feature, you can instantly find the word you wanted to know

– Words searching can be done using both alphabet or hiragana letter

– Because it is supported by Google Translate feature, you can also translate a long sentence using this app

– Important vocabulary can be bookmarked

– Font color and background are changeable

– The result of translation can be shared via Facebook, email, SNS, and other social media

category: travel & local
price: free

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