Application & Web Design Service

In applications or website development, design is the most importan thing.

PT. APPKEY believe that design is the most important thing in making any website or mobile applications
Providing a qualified website and application design in accordance with the customer needs in order to be able to support the growth of the customer’s company.
But, unfortunately in Indonesia we still often see a website, application or pamphlets with a bad design such as a blurred picture, the layout and text are sticking out. If so, an important commodity owned by the company will be considered as a cheap goods by the user.
If viewed from the eyes of people abroad, such a design ias very unreasonable This course will be very disappointing for the client if the product is used improperly.
For Appkey, products or services that is owned by clients are very important, therefore we are very concerned to the design in making an application and website.

How to proceed designs

To make a design for an application or a website, we must firstly clarify the purpose of the website or application development. By knowing the purpose, we can develop the optimum design.

Logically it is similar to the process if we build a house.

Here are the steps to make the design:
1) Clarify the purpose of making the application or website by the client.
2) Making concept of application or website based on the purpose.
3) Design and draft of the application or website
4) Making the program source code
5) Publication and operating website or application

Because of the application and website are a media that have a shallow history, although we realize that there is no provision in the website development process, from Appkey’s trial and error experience, the website and applications development process is as described above.

We recommend this process to minimize failure in the process of making any application or website. However, you do not have to follow this process when you have a better steps.


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