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PT. APPKEY is a smartphone app developer services company and website creation are located in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is a tourist destination that is very prominent in Southeast Asia, as well as a meeting place for people from different countries.

Utilizing this advantages, we aim to “make something” qualified with a global perspective supported by the excellent ability of local human resources.

Because at this time, Indonesia has many telented young programmers who are ready to compete globally.

The language difference is not a problem for us, because it’s the same language computer programs throughout the world.

In addition, we have directors who go directly to keep track of the workings in order to produce perfection and maintain the quality of our product to stay ahead, as well as managing projects in a comprehensive and thorough.

Company name PT APPKEY
Location INDONESIA, BALI [Jl. Batu Sari 3 No.3 Renon, Denpasar, Bali]
Company founded Date 16 March 2012 [PMA]

Development Smartphone application development iOS ・ app development Android OS ・ app WEB production smartphone WEB site development Responsible WEB site development net shopping WEB (EC site) production

※Indonesian, Japanese, English, other, multi-language support.

Phone +62 361-23-8091

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