Responsive Web



Website for PCs and smartphones are “responsive website”. Where the website can be viewed through a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Not preparing a different website for each browser.

Now is our time to access the Internet using a smart phone. It is estimated that in the year 2015 using a smartphone for internet access will surpass PC usage.

Therefore, to take full advantage of this business opportunity, we recommend You to build a responsive website for Your company early on.


web responsive

If you make a new homepage from now, or you want to extend an existing homepage, we recommend You to make this “responsive website”.

For the development of the WEB site, Appkey have 2 ways: a website created using “WordPress” and created using “HTML”.

“WordPress” is a CMS (Content Management System) with the most advanced features in the world. Because “wordpress” is an open source most widely used in the world, here assemble and evolve a wide range of the most sophisticated website technologies.The advantages is simply to make the site one time only, we are able to update the blog with easy. Because of this convenience, we recommend that you use “wordpress” if you want to increase the number of pages of your blog.

HTML is how to create web site in a simple way. For those of You who have the slightest knowledge of the website can create a website using HTML. But of course to make a better web design,You need the better skills and knowledge.

If you want to build a web site using our services, please contact us via email, and we will contact you back regarding your request. For customers who are in Bali we will go directly to visit you. But for a far place, the conversation can be done through phone or video call like skype.

Then ask for the website purpose to be made by, after that proposing the schedule and thoughts as well as the request. In addition, we also make sure about your company’s internet environment, preparation for web server and whether there is any need for domain process.

Want to consult the website problems, application development, or would like to know the estimated price? Please contact us.